GCHQ certified and accredited employee security awareness training and tools to help prevent fraud and cyber-crime.
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Our online portal and employee security awareness training has been independently accredited and certified by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), as part of the National Cyber Security Programme.
Understand your risk
Cyber Attack Simulation

Test and track your employees with our true to life phishing and ransomware simulations.

Raise awareness
Cyber & Security E-Learning

Educate your employees on cyber and compliance using our online interactive, scenario based training.

Improve best practice
Policy Management

Ensure your employees read and understand your organisation's key policies and procedures.

Change behaviour
Staff Awareness Services

Create positive change of your employee's behaviour towards security, cyber and compliance.

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Access anywhere, at anytime, from any device.

We’ve designed our service from the ground up with you in mind. Whether we are conducting a simulated cyber attack, educating your employees with our interactive online training or helping you implement best practice, we take the pain out of it and help to deliver peace of mind.
  • Protect your client data

  • Prevent losing valuable revenue

  • Reduce disruption to your business

  • Develop best practice

  • Easy to use online portal

  • Ongoing support for your business

  • Complements current I.T. measures

  • Flexible and cost-effective


Find out how we are currently

helping businesses like yours.


Drive engagement with our bite-size training, simulation testing and awareness materials.


Up-skill your workforce with our online, interactive and scenario-based elearning training.


Increase awareness within your organisation and ensure security remains a key priority at all times.

Trusted by organisations worldwide

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The work of yours, what BFPP do, that's what it is all about -helping businesses to protect and prevent becoming victims of cyber-crime. What you do at the BFPP and what we do at the United Nations, are very similar. What we're doing together, to increase that knowledge and awareness, is vital.

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Head of Cyber-crime


UK businesses are crying out for this and, more importantly, they need it. Cyber-security is such a huge issue at the moment and increasing your employee awareness is crucial. Training is a great way of driving engagement and reducing the risk of becoming a victim.

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Head of Fraud


BFPP membership is a ‘must have’ for businesses. We would definitely recommend. In fact, I'd go as far to say it's essential for any business.

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Barry Hetherington

Managing Director

We'd recommend BFPP without hesitation – with so much training on offer, access to best practice policies and ongoing help, it really is great value for money.

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Ruth Wyers

Operations Director

I would definitely recommend joining the BFPP to be part of your team's awareness of cyber crime, fraud and disaster planning - they're extremely easy to work with.

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Gail Hounslea

Managing Director

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