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The Business Fraud Prevention Partnership was founded by a former police officer and qualified solicitor, with a vision of ensuring businesses of all sizes could benefit from the tools they need to prevent cyber-crime, without the hassle or expense of traditional consultancy methods.

Recognising that fraud and cyber-crime can seem daunting and complex, we set about creating solutions that organisations find accessible and cost-effective, no matter what industry they operate in or what size they were. 


Qualified Lawyer

Founded by a qualified lawyer (having specialised in fraud and corporate crime) we have a strong legal grounding and detailed understanding of the commercial issues that businesses face.

Former Police Officer

Founded by a former police officer, our services benefit from a focus on crime prevention, which provides an enhanced and insightful perspective on security awareness training to increase its effectiveness.


'Outstanding' Education Lead

We develop all of our services in-house, here in the UK and benefit from experienced teachers who are Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated professionals to help us deliver an unrivalled learning experience.

University Lecturers

Our team also comprises of university lecturers, ensuring our learning materials are delivered in a clear, informative and engaging manner - tried and tested by leading education professionals.

Making industry leading security awareness training and services available for all organisations, not just the elite.

We benefit from a breadth of experience in fraud and crime, having worked in both public and private sectors. Our experience is unique, as we have worked with individuals and small companies right the way through to FTSE 100 organisations.

During our careers to date, we noticed one thing in particular.  Effective cyber security awareness training and services have typically been reserved for only the largest of organisations, due to associated costs and complexity. With fraud and cyber-crime on the rise, this didn’t sit well with us.

We understand that employees pose the biggest risk to your organisation, so we set about making a cost-effective solution to help organisations of all sizes.  Hence the BFPP was born.

Neil Walsh, UNITED NATIONS Global Head of Cyber-crime

'The work of yours, what BFPP do, that’s what it is all about - raising that awareness and helping businesses to protect and prevent becoming victims of cyber-crime. What you do at the BFPP and what we do at the United Nations, are very similar. What we're doing together, to increase that knowledge and awareness, is vital.'


Find out what it is like to work with us.

Engaging Content

Cyber-security awareness training needn't be a dull boring affair. Better content increases engagement - and that is exactly what we deliver.

Interactive Learning

Key to our success is driving interaction with employees in everything that we do, increasing awareness, and increasing your organisation's security.

Scenario Based

Our scenario based security awareness training ensures positive change for the long term, cementing employee knowledge through experience.

Accessible for All

Our security awareness training solutions are in a language all employees will understand. A no jargon, no nonsense approach - guaranteed.